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Official Documents

Plan of Action Proposed by France to the Coalition. Memorandum Laid Before the Second Allied Military Conference at Chantilly, 6th December 1915.

General Staff, Great Britain. Paper by the General Staff on the Future Conduct of the War. An Examination by the General Staff into the Factors Affecting the Choice of a Plan of Campaign; Together with a Recommendation as to the Best Plan to Adopt. 16th December 1915. [Marked "Copy as revised on 17th December".]

Haig, General Sir Douglas. The Opening of the Wearing-Out Battle, 23rd December 1916, by General Sir Douglas Haig. ("Sir Douglas Haig's Despatches, Dec. 1915 - Apr 1919"; J.H. Boraston, O.B.E., ed. New York : J. M. Dent; 1919.)


Personal Accounts

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