Red Scare (1918-1921) is an Image Database
created by
Leo Robert Klein*

About Red Scare. General information on the scope and purpose of Red Scare (1918-1921), an Image Database.

Go to the Images. All the images are arranged either chronologically or by subject. Here the images are arranged chronologically with twelve thumbnail images to a file. Clicking on one of the thumbnails brings up a larger version.

Subject Headings. Subject Searching is also available. Go here to select a topic. Clinking on a topic brings up a list of thumbnails associated with the topic. These in turn can be clicked to bring up images associated with other topics. The user can go from topic to topic or, in other words, from subject to subject, just by clicking on a thumbnail and following the links. Larger versions of each image are also available.

Red Scare (1918-1921)
an Image Database
Leo Robert Klein

*Leo Robert Klein is a Reference Librarian living in Chicago. At the time of this site development (1997-98), he was working at Bobst Library, NYU, while also attending classes at the Grad School for Library and Information Studies at Queens College CUNY.

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