UIC Recruitment Calendar

STAFF VIEW: Staff can click on tabs, 'Personal', 'Chicago', 'Illinois', etc., to narrow selection of events geographically. They can also set a date range, narrow by event type or recruiter, etc.
The project followed an absolutely classic inflation of requirements -- but that was okay thanks to the ability of the Content Management System (Drupal, in this case) to handle pretty much anything thrown its way. Upping the ante, so to speak, typically went like this:

  • [Orig.] Leo, Can you transfer all our data from Google to a calendar that can go on the UIC Admissions website?
  • Yes
  • [1 wk later] Leo, Can you also show the events on a map?
  • Yes
  • [1 month later] Leo, Can you add a reporting tool so we can keep statistics that only we can see?
  • Yes
  • [3 months later] Leo, Can you add a way for us to attach documents related to each event?
  • Yes
  • [2 months later] Leo, Can we also use this to track how many printed pieces we hand out?
  • Yes
  • [3 wks later] Leo, Can we download all of this as a spreadsheet if we need it?
  • Yes (I explained) and not only can you download it, but whatever settings you've made above the map -- date range, event type, recruiter, etc -- will be reflected in the results in the Excel file.
  • [1 second later] Wow, that's so cool!

Although much of the functionality is internal to Recruitment staff, events are also listed as part of the Visit Pages on the Admissions Site.