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Leo is a writer and web- and digital-content developer living in Chicago. He's also a librarian and an academic. For more information, see the 'About Leo' page.

Recent Projects

germania broadcast home pageGermania Broadcast 1927-1967
Tribute to daddy in anticipation -- come 2017 -- of the 90th anniversary of the first broadcast of his radio program, the Germania Broadcast. (Spring 2015)

recruitment_calendar_200x150.jpgRecruitment Calendar & Mapping
Transformation of the UIC Recruitment Calendar from a Google Spreadsheet to a highly interactive set of maps along with a tailor-made internal reporting tool. General reaction from all those involved, "that's so cool!" (Fall 2013).

UIC Admissions SiteUIC Office of Admissions & Records
UIC Admissions & Records site redesign -- first site to use 'Responsive Design' at UIC. (Spring 2012).

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