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Leo is a writer and web- and digital-content developer living in Chicago. He's also a librarian and an academic. For more information, see the 'About Leo' page.

Recent Projects

germania broadcast home pageGermania Broadcast 1927-1967
Tribute to daddy in anticipation of the 90th anniversary of his first broadcast of the Germania Broadcast. Basically the information is broken down into four categories: 1) Events; 2) People; 3) Places; 4) Library (Documents). We've also got tapes from the period -- maybe even one of me speaking German at 12 yrs old -- which we'll put up shortly. (Work in Progress)

job board home pageUIC College of Nursing Current Student Updates
Mechanism for allowing College staff and certain designated students to submit news items and other 'updates' -- along with a management and approval system. (Winter 2017)

job board home pageUIC College of Nursing Job Board
Popular listing of available nursing jobs, submitted by hospitals and other health centers, approved and managed by College staff. (Spring 2016)

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