Milestones & Achievements

2014 : Analytics Comes to the College of Nursing

I took over administration of the UIC College of Nursing website in Spring 2014. The site had recently undergone an extensive redesign but one of the first things I noticed was the lack of any statistical information on usage. Huh? As a long-time user of Google Analytics, this seemed absolutely bizarre. Within the first ten days on the job, I set up an Analytics account. I made sure we would measure everything from search terms to social media traffic.

2012 : User-Generated Mapping for UIC Recruitment Calendar

Transformation of the UIC Recruitment Calendar from a Google Spreadsheet to a highly interactive set of maps along with a tailor-made internal reporting tool. General reaction from all those involved, "that's so cool!"

2011 : First Responsive Website at UIC

In mid-2011 I was closely following developments in HTML5 and, in particular, a whole new approach to dealing with multiple devices called 'Responsive design'. When in the latter part of that year I was called upon to develop a new template for the Offices of Admissions and Registration, I applied the ideas I was learning to that project. I'm happy to say that we were able to launch the very first Responsive website at UIC.

2008 : Creation of the Drupal4Lib ListServ & 1st Chair of LITA Drupal4Lib Interest Group

Exasperated by the often confusing and contradictory information related to Drupal on other library-related ListServs, I created the Drupal4Lib ListServ -- with the participation of Drupal evangelist, Cary Gordon. The ListServ quickly became one of the primary sources for information related to Drupal among librarians. There are now over 1,000 subscribers. A couple of months after its creation, we organized the LITA Drupal4Lib IG at the ALA Conference in Anaheim. Served as first chair.

2006 : Statewide Volunteer Network

Made important contributions to the development of a state-wide communication network consisting of local announcement hubs (listservs) with local monthly meetings (meet-ups) and targeted volunteer opportunities. These activities continued in various manifestations (and different sites) through the Obama period.

2004 : First Content Management System

Having spent the entire year running a 'static' volunteer website in Illinois for presidential candidate John Kerry, I started looking for ways to automate production.  There was an extremely confusing array of possibilities -- this was 2004, after all.  I finally settled on a very early version of Drupal

2002 : Early News Blog at Baruch College (CUNY)

Set up an early news and announcement blog for Library Administration at Baruch College CUNY.

2001 : Streaming Video Server (RealMedia) at Baruch College

From soup to nuts the old fashion way: set up Win2k Server, installed Real Server, shot video, edited, compressed for three different connection speeds, uploaded. (Baruch Coll. Library, CUNY, Fall 2001; RealMedia 8.0).